8 Reasons To Stop workout in the Gym

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Gym practicing with the routine and discipline and continue to be active healthy lifestyle are things that are very good for fitness mania. But there are times when you need a break from training for the reasons below.

8 Reasons To Stop workout in the Gym

1. Injury

Is the main reason you should rest and even stop any exercise for a while. forcing continue exercise when injury will only aggravate your injury. Soon check your injury to a specialist to get treatment and healing suggestions.

2. Being sick

Reckless exercise while sick, such as flu, only will further degrade your health condition. aside from that adverse another gym member because of the risk of disease transmission. Immediately break exercises and rest enough. Do not think exercise can cure your pain.


3. Overtraining

Notice how your body is signaling conditions body. If you feel excessive fatigue after exercise, easy anxiety, and feel upset, we can be sure you are having overtraining. Especially if you were previously in poor condition. Rest / sleep then immediately complete rest for approximately one week.

4. Stagnant muscle mass

The stagnant condition where muscle mass or weight didn’t increase and fail to lose our body weight is a good time to break workout from the gym. Your body felt “bored” with the same workout continuously. Try outdoor sports such as trekking, cycling, swimming, and much more.

5. Lots of talk, lack of exercise

Exercise with friends at the same gym indeed fun. But if your time in the gym more spent to socialize with them rather than seriously exercise, then immediately break from gym training. Try the exercise in home with bodyweight workout is just as effective.


6. Not routine exercise

You already pay a membership fee which is quite expensive but did not even come to the gym to practice. That’s the name of your own a waste of time and money wasted. Should you break workout in the gym as well. If you do not have time for the gym, try home exercise equipment or to taste bodyweight workout. The results are as effective and certainly more saving.

7. Could not complete the training program

You already have a definite program of exercise but you do not able to finish. Immediately break from training and analysis what is wrong. If you do not master the exercises or precisely the wrong training program. Ask your issue
personal trainer if necessary.

8. Obsessed exercise


If at any time you just figure out the best how to practice tips, spending too much time in the gym, and didn’t pay attention to your relationships with family and other persons nearby, meaning that you’re obsessed with fitness training. Break out of your training and re-analysis of your mistakes. Consider for practice at home. Make fitness and lifestyle healthy as a part of your life, not rule the whole your life!

Break out of the exercise due to the above reasons are equally important to maintain overall health, determine the
the success of targeted training, and maintaining mental and your motivation to continue to practice in the long term.

Do you have same problem and have a plan to stop workout? please share your experience and leave a comment.

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