Less Nutrition Can Cause Depression!

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woman-depressionAccording to a recent study, less nutrients such as folate and vitamin B12, can increase the risk of symptoms of melancholic depression.

Melancholic depression involves depressive symptoms are common, such as the declining mood. Meanwhile, non-melancholic depression characterized by symptoms of other types, such as the decreasing of self confidence, feeling worried and anxious. The researchers studied 3,000 citizens of Finland middle-aged and elderly.  Among those with an intake High folate, the risk of melancholic depression symptoms nearly 50 percent lower than those with the lowest intake.

Moreover, among those with the highest levels of vitamin B12, the risk of depressive symptoms is almost three times lower than those with the lowest levels.
In addition, the risk for metabolic syndrome was recorded two fold among those with non-melancholic depression symptoms, compared with people with symptoms of depression or melancholy those who do not have symptoms of depression.

If you are depressed you may be less nutrients. Do you agree?

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